Coordinated Entry News


Coordinated Entry Written Standards

As Carol Ann says in the 1982 horror classic The Poltergeist, “They’re hereeeeeee!”. The Coordinated Entry Written Standards describe the framework for the TX BoS CoC Coordinated Entry process. In other words, it’s the guide that informs how local Coordinated Entry processes must be implemented in order to be recognized by the TX BoS CoC. This is particularly critical for communities that receive Continuum of Care (CoC) or Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) Program funding. Since it contains a lot of information, we recommend that you either read the document multiple times or have multiple people read the document then debrief as a group. The Written Standards can be accessed in the Written Standards folder of the Coordinated Entry Google Drive,, and will be uploaded to our website at a later date.

SAVE THE DATE Y’ALL! Book Club: Coordinated Entry Written Standards Webinar

Sophia will be hosting a webinar on Thursday, June 22 from 2:00-3:30 to review the Coordinated Entry Written Standards. Make the most of this webinar by reading the standards and preparing questions ahead of time. It is mandatory for communities required to implement Coordinated Entry. Not sure whether your community is required to implement? The Written Standards contain your answer.

Register here:

Requirements for a Coordinated Entry System Webinar

Last time we sent a Coordinated Entry News, we mentioned the new Coordinated Entry requirements released by HUD in January. HUD held a webinar in March to review the standards; Sophia thought it was great. If you want a better understanding of the requirements in the Coordinated Entry Written Standards, we recommend either reading Notice CPD-17-01 or watching the webinar.

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