Regular Meeting-Tuesday, November 10, 2015

  1. Welcome: Meeting called to order by Ella McGruder at 11:35 am. Introduction of members.
  2. Approval of Minutes from Regular Meeting on Tuesday, August 11, 2015: Motion made by Sandra Hoelscher. Seconded by Karla Flanagan. Motion passed.
  3. Continuum of Care (CoC) Application Update-Sandra Hoelscher
  • Sandra has completed HUD application and revised CoC application
  • Applications have been reviewed by Projects Committee. Sandra is revising application based on suggestions from Committee.
  • Lost 48 points due to required areas not addressed by BVCH (areas include: members involved with BVCH, discharge planning, become more involved with permanent housing within Brazos Valley, coordinated access system, permanent supportive housing, new strategies-unaccompanied youth, human trafficking, LGTBQ, job exploitation, partnership with Bryan ISD to attend their meetings, renewal grants/project performance
  • Need to re-instate discharge planning committee
    • BVCH Website:
    • Committees: Committees need to address responsibilities to increase points
      • Raquel Masco will serve as committee chair to address new strategies (committee members: Ella McGruder, Sara Mendez)
      • Karla Flanagan will provide contact information of all BV housing authorities
      • Invite Marilyn Johnson to get involved in with BVCH to help with permanent supportive housing
  1. HUD Housing Availability-Sarah Villo, TCM Intern
  • Sarah called all properties on Housing Choice Voucher list
  • Sarah presented information on the results from the phone calls
  • Sara Mendez will distribute the Power Point presentation with the minutes
  • Karla: List is updated 2 times per month (available online); some landlords work better with case manager directly instead of clients; landlords are customers just like the clients receiving vouchers
  1. Housing Choice Voucher Program Update-Karla Flanagan
  • 314 open vouchers currently
  • Wait list was open in August
  • July-around 600 open vouchers
  • Vouchers are open for 60 days-can be extended an additional 60 days
  • The Retreat & Saddlewood ineligible units to accept vouchers due to criminal activity
  • Southgate Village-voucher associated with unit; if client moves from Southgate Village, lose voucher
  • Windsor Pointe will continue to accept Section 8 vouchers as of now
  • Apartment complexes-only 50% of units should be Section 8. This allows for units to be Section 8 housing and not project housing
  • 8 case managers on staff-can assist clients to help find units
  • DASH Committee-focus on landlords
  • Family Self-Sufficiency Program-collaborate with Workforce Solutions; work with clients for up to 5 years; work with head of household; clients are active Housing Choice Voucher client
  • Should also focus on educating tenants on how to be a good tenant and neighbor
  • Reviewing preferences to follow HUD direction
  • Current preferences: changed in August-concentrate on family self-sufficiency; want to assist families out of poverty
    • Highest preference-resident of BV area-utility bill, driver’s license, or lease-no time frame for residency in BV
    • One person is active or discharged veteran
    • 62 years age or older
  1. Point-In-Time Homeless Count-Ella McGruder-Friday, January 22, 2016
    • Count only-no surveys
  2. Committee Updates-Ella McGruder
    • Committees need to meet!
    • Ella and Sandra will schedule time to meet with each chair to discuss responsibilities
    • Brian will send out committee lists
  3. Agency Highlight: Project Unity
    • Three funded programs
        1. Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention (video based parenting classes)
        2. Case Management for HIV positive clients-medication, transportation, HOPWA funds (rental assistance)
        3. SAFE Harbor-non-custodial parent visitation
  4. Adjourn

Motion made by Aaron Kitchens to adjourn meeting; seconded by Karla Flanagan. Meeting adjourned at  1 pm.

Next meeting: Tuesday, December 8 at 11:30 am.  Thank you to City of College Station for lunch!

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